Wolves caretaker boss Davis fumes after Arsenal defeat: Why have VAR?

Wolves caretaker boss Steve Davis says being denied a first-half goal made the difference in defeat to Arsenal.

Wolves lost 2-0 at Molineux on Saturday night.

Davis said, “I think we had good moments in the game. They had a lot of possession, we slowed them down. The shape was fantastic and hard to get through, we defended the box when we had to. We were happy at 0-0. The decision in the first half should’ve gone for us. He’s onside and it was a foul and he was the last man so it was a goalscoring opportunity and potentially a red card. We feel hard done by because those moments are really important to us at the moment.

“It changes the mentality even more, defending a goal that you should’ve had. VAR, not sure whether they use it – no point in having it if you’re not going to use it. They have to decide if they want VAR and if they do they need to use it.

“We felt the way they set up, it was the best option to soak the pressure and try and counter. That was the game plan and we executed well. In the second half we conceded two goals, other than that, fantastic.

“Boubacar [Traore] was superb tonight, Dexter [Lembikisa] getting on the pitch I had no doubt he would fill in for Nelson [Semedo].”