Wolves captain Neves fed-up with refereeing inconsistencies

Wolves captain Ruben Neves was unimpressed by Nathan Collins’ dismissal in defeat to Manchester City.

With Wolves already 2-0 down, Collins’ dangerous high tackle on Jack Grealish saw him receive a straight red card, before Phil Foden’s second half strike rounded off the 3-0 win for the visitors.

Although Neves is not arguing with the decision to give Collins his marching orders, the club captain is concerned with the consistency of refereeing decisions.

Neves said: “I understand the red card.

“Of course it’s frustrating for us when it happens like that because we have watched, in the Premier League, some bad tackles this season that were not a red card.

“It happened against us twice.

“Of course I understand the red card, but the referee whistled and gave the red card straight away, it was so easy, he didn’t even wait for VAR.

“I told Anthony (Taylor, referee) that I understand the red card, but we are seeing one game with some decisions and then in another game it is different.”