Winterburn exclusive: I've never seen anything like Ronaldo's interview; believe me – he's NOT coming to Arsenal

Arsenal hero Nigel Winterburn can’t see the Gunners board making a move for unhappy Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo – and would recommend they steer clear.

After his explosive interview with Piers Morgan, United are now exploring their legal options regarding unilateral contract termination with the Portuguese.

And for Winterburn, the news is no surprise. The former Gunners fullback can’t see any way back for United’s No7.

Speaking to on behalf of FreeSuperTips, Winterburn declared: “I’m not sure whether it will affect the players but it’s very hard to tell.

“I can’t think of a similar situation that I’ve been in where a player has come out and done an interview like this.

“I can’t think back and remember anything like this in the past. But the fact that it’s Cristiano Ronaldo, his reputation and one of the top footballers in the world for a very long time alongside Lionel Messi.

“I’ve only read bits of it and seen little clips of it, so I haven’t seen the whole interview, but it sounds explosive and pretty damming.

“I don’t know whether the full interview will give us more insight to how he feels he’s being treated whether it be in training or is it the fact that he hasn’t been starting games.

“Being asked to come on at the end of games, whether he feels that is disrespecting him or not. I don’t really know where to start but the whole thing to me is pretty sad and it looks to be a complete and utter mess.

“I think we would all agree that it’s only going one way which is with Ronaldo leaving Manchester United.”

In the aftermath, Morgan has declared Arsenal should make a move for Ronaldo – a suggestion Winterburn can’t see happening.

He continued: “Let me tell you he’s not coming to Arsenal.

“One they wouldn’t pay that wage for sure, and two Arsenal have a way of playing that I personally think wouldn’t suit Ronaldo at his age. Arsenal are a very high pressing team, particularly in the first 30 minutes of games.

“They press high, play with high energy and I just don’t see Ronaldo fitting in to the way that Arsenal play.

“Listen, he’s still got a lot of quality and you can’t deny that, but sometimes you get to the point in your career, regardless of your age where you just don’t fit the system.

“I don’t see any way that Ronaldo would fit into this system at Arsenal.

“Also, I don’t believe it fits into the way Arsenal are trying to reconstruct their team in terms of age.

“For me, I would be absolutely gobsmacked if that move was to ever happen.”