West Ham boss Moyes: Transfer plans won't change over Conference League finish

West Ham boss David Moyes says their transfer plans won’t change if they qualify for the Europa Conference League.

Moyes has set his sights on an immediate return to the Europa League but insists qualifying for the Conference instead will not affect West Ham’s summer transfer plans.

When asked whether transfer targets would be dictated by which European competition his side are in, he said: “I don’t think so, I’m hoping we can at worst finish seventh. We’ve got a lot to do, we need points because we expect Wolves [in eighth] to have a chance in at least one of their games so we need more points for ourselves.

“But I think European football for us would be terrific again if it happens. If we can make the Europa League that would be great, to finish close to where we were last season. But I’ll take any of the European competitions and be thrilled if we got there again.

“We will try and add to the squad of we can but we have a really good team at the moment. If we can get another couple of players we will do that but I don’t think whether if matters whether we’re in Europa League or Conference League, we’ll embrace either.”

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