WATCH: Torino director Vagnati and coach Juric in angry physical clash

Torino director Davide Vagnati insists he and coach Ivan Juric are fine after they physically clashed this week.

Juric and Vagnati were filmed in a furious showdown at the training camp in Austria.

Vagnati admits Juric is frustrated over the club’s slow market: “There was a discussion, as you saw, it’s certainly not a nice thing to see, but when two people really care about doing things right, these things happen.

“The coach certainly wants the players as soon as possible, we in the club are trying to do what is possible in a difficult transfer market. We will bring the players that he wants.

“We said what we needed to say, we hugged it out afterwards. We are two real people, two very honest people who say things to people’s faces, so thanks also to these discussions we can start again in the best possible way for Torino.

“We have a great coach, we will try to do the right things as soon as possible, because it is true that we need to get more players.”

Vagnati said at one point “I am the only one who defends you to that ****-head,” seemingly a reference to President Urbano Cairo. Is that what he meant?

He continued on Sky Italia: “When there are arguments, you say things that perhaps you don’t mean. That’s not the point, it’s about understanding why it happened, which is that we both want what is best for the club and we must try to give him the players as soon as possible.

“The coach has his concerns, they are legitimate, we understand that and will try to do what needs to be done as soon as possible.

“It won’t be 10 players, it’ll be less than that, but we need them to be the right ones so that we can complete the squad.”