Valencia midfielder Musah: USA must beat England – and Saka!

Valencia midfielder Yunus Musah is excited to be part of the USA’s World Cup squad.

Musah, formerly of Arsenal, was capped at youth level by England before committing to the USA.

He told Valencia’s website: “I didn’t think that it would come around so quickly. I’m only 19 years old and I’m getting to play in a World Cup. I am very excited about it”

“Rather than being nervous, I am very happy to have this great opportunity to play in a World Cup. A lot of great players haven’t been able to play in one. I’m happier than nervous.

“After a lot of effort, it’s always nice to receive a reward that keeps you motivated. Every player wants a reward like playing in a Champions League final or a World Cup, It’s a huge thing.”

Musah also said: “I think we’ve got a chance to qualify and get out of the group stage and that would be great for me. I thnk we the ability to do that. My national team debut was against Wales and it also be my first game in a World Cup. It’s a special game.

“The game against England it’s going to be very exciting. Everybody that I know in England will be watching. Even those who don’t normally watch football will be watching it. When there is a competition like the World Cup, everybody supports the team.

“It’s going to be a special game, playing against players like (Bukayo) Saka who was my teammate at the Arsenal FC. We have to beat them, right?”