USA coach Berhalter backing Chelsea attacker Pulisic for big World Cup

USA coach Gregg Berhalter expects Chelsea attacker Christian Pulisic to have a big World Cup.

Berhalter feels Pulisic will have something to prove after a tough year with Chelsea.

Speaking to the Mirror, Berhalter said: “He’s the catalyst. he’s the guy who can jumpstart everything, can make everything happen because of his ability.

“It’s not to add pressure to him because without everyone else performing well, he’ll have no opportunity to do that. But that’s what I mean.

“He’s like the tip of the iceberg, he’s like that last bit, that really can put you over the top with his special quality. That’s his MO. His MO is that if he’s not counted on by a manager then he’s going to prove that manager wrong.

“He’s going to train as hard as he can, then when he gets on the field he’s going to fight for that jersey, fight for that club, he’s going to show that he should be and deserves to be on the field.

“That’s what I really admire about him. It’s the transformation. He doesn’t feel bad for himself, he doesn’t feel sorry for himself, he just goes and does his work. That’s his quality.”