Udogie agent: Of course he keeps an eye on Tottenham; Udinese good for him

The agent of Destiny Udogie says he’s focused at Udinese, despite signing for Tottenham.

Stefano Antonelli says Udinese have been a good development club for Udogie.

“He is owned by Tottenham, he is at Udinese only on loan, finally some youngsters are emerging. Udogie is the Under-21 player who has played the most minutes in Italy, before Kvara got injured,” he said.

“To see such young players emerge is truly extraordinary. He won’t play in Naples on Saturday, he has a small flexor injury.

“Tottenham took Udogie off the market, but Udinese did well to get him because when Verona needed to sell, everyone would have gladly taken him, even Milan and Juve. But, at that moment, Udinese believed in him more than all the suitors and paid €2.8m for him.

“It was not so easy to get him, by the way in Naples he played a great game in which he fully demonstrated his value. I think Napoli would have needed a left-back in that area of the pitch at that time. Torino also would have taken him straight away, but Udinese were the shrewder club.”

“I’ve spoken to Udogie about Tottenham, but he keeps telling me he’s focused on Udinese. Of course he keeps an eye on Tottenham, which, by the way, are such an organised club that they have a person in charge of Destiny.

“It is inevitable that Udogie will end up with the Italian national team, but Mancini will decide how and when.”