Trippier rejects claims he joined Newcastle for money

Newcastle United and England defender Kieran Trippier has revealed he would have stayed at Atletico Madrid if it was a money issue.

The right-back was seen as making an odd decision last January, when he chose to come back to the Premier League with Newcastle instead of staying at the then-La Liga champions Atleti.

However, Trippier claims the challenge of bringing Newcastle to the top and returning home was too good to turn down.

“If people think it was about money then I should have stayed in Madrid because I got a new three-year contract there,” he told the Under the Cosh podcast.

“If it was about money, I would have stayed.

“I know it wasn’t about money. I had other things that were happening at the time, which were more important than money. That’s why I came back to England. It doesn’t bother me that people say that. That’s just their opinion.”