Tottenham striker Richarlison slams Carragher (again): Your silence is deafening!

Tottenham striker Richarlison has taken a new swipe at former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher.

During Tottenham’s Carabao Cup defeat at Nottingham Forest, the Brazilian was on the receiving end of a firm tackle from Orel Mangala as the 24-year-old came from behind on Richarlison, leaving the 25-year-old in a heap.

Richarlison, who was named in Tite’s World Cup squad this week, has just recovered from an injury that put his availability for this month’s tournament in doubt.

Posting on his Instagram story following the challenge, he aimed a dig towards Carragher : “O silencio do @23_carra e enbsurdecedor. Vai eu fazer embaixadinha pra ve!!!”

His message translates to: “The silence of @23_carra [Jamie Carragher] is deafening. Watch me do kick-ups and see what happens.”

The comment follows a statement made by the former Liverpool defender during Spurs’ previous trip to the City Ground where Richarlison was showboating in the latter stages of their triumph.