​Tottenham star Dier thanks 'godfather' Conte for reviving World Cup dream

Tottenham defender Eric Dier has thanked the “Godfather” for getting him back on track at international level.

The Spurs centre-back is back in favour with Three Lions coach Gareth Southgate.

Dier is in the England squad for the September international break, which improves his chances of going to the World Cup.

England star Dier said: “I don’t want to sound like a teacher’s pet but he (Spurs boss Antonio Conte) has done a lot for me. A lot, yes. In every way he has done a lot for me. He has had a great effect on me in every aspect. Tactically, physically, mentally. My approach.

“Not just the manager but all his staff. He is very demanding but I really enjoy that. Ever since he arrived, I have never learnt so much in this year. I don’t think I have learnt as much before as I have now with him.

“He is the godfather of that system so I feel like with him you’re constantly learning and evolving within that system, constantly adding new things – once we learn one thing we’re onto the next. I think probably he gave me my belief back a little bit as well.”