Tottenham midfielder Skipp relieved to be over injuries

Tottenham youngster Oliver Skipp has spoken about his injury setbacks in recent months.

The midfielder has needed to learn a great deal on and off the pitch as he dealt with setbacks in his career.

Despite starting promisingly for Spurs last term, Skipp suffered a pelvic injury in October 2021 that has troubled him since.

“It was hard for me this year because you always want to be playing and I was out for such a long period of time, until the end of the season, then obviously I had the second setback in pre-season, although I wasn’t out for too long with that, but it was frustrating,” he stated on his injury.

“I felt like I was in a good moment before it happened as well, but these things occur in football and you’ll be very lucky if you go through your whole career without it.

“It was a tough one with the fact that there was no real set time period for me to be out. It wasn’t like I was told I would be out for any exact amount of months, so that was the hardest thing that I couldn’t quite get my head around, in terms of when I was going to be back, but thankfully my family, friends and everyone at the club just tried to keep me positive and knowing that there’d be moments in the future when I’d be back doing what I do best. Ultimately, it’s in the past now, I’m over it and I’m just looking forward to the next few months.”