Tottenham Hotspur Supporters' Trust: Derby postponement due to poor Arsenal squad management

The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust has criticised the Premier League for postponing today’s derby on Arsenal’s request.

On Friday, Arsenal requested for the game to be played at a later date and that was officially ratified by the League on Saturday afternoon as they cited “a combination of covid, existing and recent injuries and players on international duty at the Africa Cup of Nations” as reasons for why they took the decision.

Writing on their website, the THST said: “The postponement of the North London Derby just over 24 hours before kick-off once again raises questions about football’s attitude to fans, and the integrity of competition.

“We’ve always said we appreciate the current challenging circumstances, but the fact remains that fans had already made arrangements to travel and some have incurred substantial costs. There are now significant issues around ticketing for the Club and fans to resolve.

“While our remit doesn’t extend to on-pitch matters, we have to express some surprise at the justification given by the Premier League for the decision reached. Postponing this match appears to be as a result of squad management decisions and injuries rather than covid.”

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