​Tottenham defender Dier admits World Cup dream remains alive

Tottenham defender Eric Dier believes that his dream of playing in the World Cup is very much alive.

The Englishman admits he was a little fearful of his chances of making Gareth Southgate’s squad for the 2022 World Cup this winter.

However, Dier does have a chance of being on the plane to Qatar, as he is in the squad for their upcoming September internationals.

The Spurs defender has ended an 18-month absence from the national team.

“Obviously, yeah, if I wasn’t in this [squad], then I think [that I’d have missed the World Cup],” Dier told reporters at the weekend.

“It’s been a nice week. It would have been better if we had won in Lisbon, but it’s been a good week and a nice way to finish it off here.”

Dier added: “I spoke to him once and, as I said, I was focussing on what’s in my control and that’s playing for Tottenham.”

“Honestly, it wasn’t really what I was thinking about [playing for England].

“I was just thinking about trying to be as good a player as I could be for Tottenham and then everything else that happens as a consequence as that will happen, but I think that’s the only thing I had to focus on.

“It was the only thing that was in my control and then everything else that happens, happens. For me, I’m just very thankful for the way my team-mates, manager and coaching staff, everyone around at Tottenham, has supported me and pushed me, and tried to help me to get back to the national team.

“I’m just looking forward to going. As my manager said during the week, for me, it’s my ambition for this to be a starting point for me. I think I can still do a lot more.”