Tottenham boss Conte: Son knows every decision I make is honest

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte admits he’s delighted for Heung-min Son after yesterday’s hat-trick in victory over Leicester City.

Son jumped from the bench to score the treble – his first goals for the season.

Conte said, “I always say to you, especially since I remember many press conferences this season before many games, you ask me why you don’t drop Sonny for not scoring. I remember this. For me, Sonny will never be a problem, never, never, never. Because we are talking about a really good guy, an amazing, outstanding player, one of the two best players in my team with Harry, but at the same time, I repeat, I try to follow a road to try to protect the players, to protect also for the future. If it happens that Sonny goes to be injured, or Harry Kane goes to be injured, Richarlison or Deki, then we are in trouble, we are in big trouble.

“You have seen to have Lucas Moura out for one month was really difficult for me to manage the situation. For this reason, I try to protect my work, to protect the club and to protect the welfare of the players. For sure, in the next 12 games, we make rotation, and we make rotation in the way that I think that moment is right. Then if I make a mistake, I don’t know, but every decision I am going to take is always an honest decision because I want to win, I want to try to put my players in the best physical condition to put the best performance for the team.”

He continued: “For sure, to see Sonny with the ball after the hat-trick, then also the trophy for the best player of the game was great. It was amazing for me, for the team-mates because we needed this. We, not only Sonny, we needed this. I am happy, but I repeat, this is not a problem. If we solve the problem in this way, we have to repeat the situation in the next game with all the players. In the future, all the players ask me ‘please, please, please put me on the bench’ and then they come in and score three goals, but I am joking, of course.”