Tottenham boss Conte offers update on contract situation

Tottenham boss Antonio Conte has hinted there’s been no progress on new contract talks.

Conte’s current deal expires at the end of the season.

He said today: “You know very well that my contract expires in June.

“Until that moment, the club has to make the best evaluation.

“I think that like anything, you need to deserve and it will be important to see the rest of the season and if we are happy with the improvement we are doing.

“From my side, it’s important to feel that I deserve a new contract, to sign a new contract with this club. I have to feel this.

“I think when you start a path with a club, the dream is to stay here for many years and try to build something important.

“I think it’s very important to have the relationship you create with the players, the club and the environment around you. Don’t forget the ambition.

“If you’re used to winning, it’s important to match all these situations. If you’re lucky to match all these situations it’s easy for a coach but in modern football it’s different.”