Stellini defends Conte's tactics at Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur assistant coach Cristian Stellini has spoken about concerns by fans about their style of play.

Many Spurs supporters are concerned about how the team performs in specific games, especially when they take on their fellow “top six” rivals in the Premier League.

Spurs have been overly defensive in many of those contests, and are yet to register a win over such a team so far this season.

Asked about style in a press conference a few days after a Premier League loss to Liverpool at home, Stellini stated: “I watch many games and in this particular last month it’s not easy to find attractive football because many teams, maybe the best teams in this league, but in all the leagues in Europe, we are playing a lot, and you sometimes have to maintain the energy.

“Every team has problems and in the last five games I haven’t seen many games with attractive football for anyone, maybe only from teams that haven’t played in European competition.

“We can say that because we know how very difficult it is to dominate the energy in the last month. Liverpool has problems, everyone has problems. We played a great match. We cannot say we didn’t play attractive football in the last game. We are happy. Maybe we used a particular time in the game but that’s the same for everyone.”