Southampton striker Broja reveals chat with injured Livramento

Southampton striker Armando Broja says ‘best mate’ Tino Livramento is staying positive after suffering a knee injury.

Livramento, who grew up with Broja at the Chelsea academy, played each of the first 18 Premier League matches in succession.

“Yeah I’ve obviously spoken to Tino recently, he’s a bright lad, always laughing and giggling with me so he is one of my best mates,” Broja told the Daily Echo.

“I haven’t spoken to him too much about the injury, but he is just happy with himself at the moment and trying to stay positive.

“I’m not sure how long to be honest with you, I haven’t really spoken to him about that, that’s for the doctors and the staff to decide.

“But he is just a happy guy so, you know.”

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