Southampton boss Hasenhuttl frustrated being taken out of context

Southampton boss Ralph Hasenhuttl admits he’s frustrated about his media conferences are being reported.

Hasenhuttl’s comments that there should be more transparency about who is and isn’t available, and why, after their clash with Newcastle was postponed caused arguments between Magpies and Saints fans when shared by social media publications.

Since then, the Austrian also revealed that the Premier League had discussions over the eligibility of newly-signed players in postponed matches and later labelled it ‘a lottery’ whether his own side would have enough numbers remaining to play on Tuesday.

The 54-year-old admitted it is frustrating when people do not listen to all of what is said, and react only to the snippet they’ve seen.

Asked by the Daily Echo, Hasenhuttl explained: “Yeah (it is frustrating), but the problem is that people are not listening.

“They take a part of the interview and then say ah ‘it is like a lottery’, but it is, coming here in the morning you never know who is missing and this is right.

“But I have never spoken about postponing a game, you know us, as I said we have had two injured goalkeepers and signed another one before cancelling the game as we have a goalkeeper, we could have made the argument yeah with one out with covid and the other injured but we didn’t do this.

“We try not to do this at the moment, you never know what happens in the future – suddenly we have 20 cases and when you have no players any more we will also ask for postponing a game.

“But at the moment we try everything to play and I think this (is how it) should be, we have tried to do this.”

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