Souness: Leeds as good as any team in Prem to watch

Liverpool legend Graeme Souness admits he’s a big fan of Leeds United.

Leeds won 3-2 a West Ham on Sunday.

Souness was full of praise for the way in which the visitors played against West Ham.

Speaking as part of the Sky Sports Super Sunday panel, he said: “When you’re watching Leeds I have to say they’re as good as anyone to watch.

“[Manchester] City are the finished article, Liverpool not far away but other than those two I think they’re my next favourite team. If I lived anywhere in Yorkshire I’d be buying a season ticket.

“The beef we all have with modern players is simulation; they all throw themselves to the ground at any opportunity. You never see that with this Leeds team.

“They’re an honest group of players who play the game with a very, sometimes dangerous way for themselves in terms of conceding goals but they’re a tremendous watch and they’re honest and that has to come back to the manager who won’t take any of that you can imagine in training not blowing the whistle when someone’s trying to buy a foul but they’re a great watch.

“If you know anything about football or a little bit about football, you’d want them in the Premier League.”

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