Sherwood: Newcastle fans wouldn't swap Howe for Benitez now

Newcastle United would have “as good a chance as any team” to win the Premier League – except for one problem.

That is the opinion of former Tottenham and Aston Villa coach Tim Sherwood.

The Englishman claimed that Eddie Howe’s team were in the mix for the league title this term.

However, he believes that Manchester City are a class above the rest of the league, despite currently being five points behind Arsenal in the table.

“He’s [Eddie Howe] been outstanding since he’s been there and a big thing is the fanbase,” Sherwood told Premier League Productions. “The fanbase is huge there and they’re buzzing because not only are they winning games and climbing up that league but they’re appreciating the style of football.

“They’ve been bored for years. Rafa Benitez, he was god up there, they loved him. Would they swap him now? No chance! They love this man. Whatever they do in the transfer window now, he’s earned the right to take them forward on this journey.

“The only reason you don’t give them a chance is because Man City are in it. If Man City are not in this league I’d give them as good a chance as any other team in the league.”