Sarri on victory over Cremonese: Germe still exists inside Lazio

Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri says the ‘germe’ remains within the club after victory over Cremonese.

Sarri went into the game furious after their Europa League humiliation at Midtjylland, declaring a ‘germe’ existed within the squad.

After Sunday’s win, Sarri said: “Is the germe healed with goals?

“There is no need to chase the word, the germe is the motivation and if it occurs again it means that something is there. It can be found in the staff, in the dressing room, in the environment, or in the group that can’t manage to charge itself with nervous energy.

“I called it germe, it is the motivation that leads us to certain things.

“My red card? We misinterpreted the match. The fourth official knows very well how it went. Cancellieri had to replace Immobile, but Patric got hurt and therefore lost time.”