Santiago Solari completes first week as new Real Madrid director of football

Santiago Solari has just competed a first week back with Real Madrid.

While his appointment is yet to be announced, AS says the former Real coach and midfielder is the club’s new director of football.

Solari is now in charge of both the men’s and women’s sections. A key position in the club’s organisational chart, he has the responsibility of managing everything connected to the men’s first team (he will meet with coach Carlo Ancelotti regularly) and the women’s team.

At first it was considered that he was responsible for the academy, a position held by Manuel Fernández, but it was eventually decided that his responsibility would have a much broader spectrum.

Solari, as director of football, will occupy the position that Ramón Martínez held for years, though now is deputy to the general manager, a position long held by José Ángel Sánchez.