Sanson apologises to Aston Villa fans as Gerrard reveals 'direct question'

Aston Villa midfielder Morgan Sanson apologised for blowing a fuse during their 2-2 draw with Manchester United.

After being substituted in the second-half, Sanson took his frustration out on pitch-side paraphernalia as his team-mates watched on – with a couple of bottles flying into the Villa Park crowd.

The £15.5 January 2021 signing wrote on Twitter: “Sorry for the second goal that I cost but especially big apologies for the bad reaction I had with the bottle that landed in the crowd. Of course it wasn’t voluntary

“Obviously it was due to my immense frustration at leaving the team at 2-0! I really wanted to apologise to everyone for that. Now back to work and head up! Thank you all for the support.”

Villa boss Steven Gerrard also said: “In terms of Morgan, I asked Morgan the question after the game: was the frustration at me or at you making an individual error.

“He assured me it was over the individual error. I’m OK with that. I’m OK with the mistakes in my team because the players are trying to do the right things.

“We’ve all made them throughout our careers so, I’ll never point a finger at a player making a mistake trying to do the right thing.

“I would have had an issue if that was on the back of the decision and the reaction because you need to respect the person that’s coming on the side and he assured me it was absolutely nothing to do with that so it wasn’t an issue.”

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