Sabatini: Juventus can challenge Napoli for Scudetto

Walter Sabatini believes Juventus can challenge Napoli for the Scudetto.

Serie A has broken up for the World Cup with Napoli runaway leaders.

Former Roma sports chief Walter Sabatini told TMW: “Two or three things that have struck me so far in Serie A? The unfortunate break I would say. There are many things that should be pointed out.

“The quality of Napoli, which is a synchronic orchestra, because they really play with admirable synchronicities. They are expressing an extraordinary quality of play and they have the points they deserve.

“But there are other signs, for example Juventus who were close to collapsing, but now it’s as if they’ve tightened the bolts on the engine and they’re a real team. Now they’re in second place, it all seemed over, but now it’s all under discussion new.

“It’s a good championship, all the coaches want to play football, even those at risk of relegation. Stop denigrating Serie A, now we play better. I think this break annoys many, there was a lively fight.

“I’m afraid that there could be many injuries at the World Cup and it could distort the championship. Let’s hope it’s not like that. It would have been better if the championship continued but the World Cup must be honoured.”