Sabatini blasts Mourinho: Karsdorp won't be able to have normal life in Rome

Former Roma sporting director Walter Sabatini has criticised Jose Mourinho over his man-management.

Sabatini is unimpressed by Mourinho’s handling of the Rick Kasdorp row.

“He does his usual daily recital, all for the use of the journalists,” Sabatini told TMW Radio.

“When he came to Roma, I said he would provide an opiate of the masses, and I am being proved right. I admired him for what he achieved at Porto, but for the rest, his record as a coach leaves me largely indifferent.”

Karsdorp appears now up for sale after being called out publicly by Mourinho.

“Pushing players is good, but when you put a player like Karsdorp out there as an object of scorn, you take away his ability to work. This lad will probably never be able to have a normal life in Rome again.

“It is sad that he felt the need to run away to Holland, it could’ve been dealt with differently.”