Ronaldo: Man Utd made ZERO progress since Ferguson retirement

Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo has not held back in his views of the club.

Ronaldo conducted an exclusive interview with Piers Morgan regarding his future at United.

During the interview, Ronaldo claimed that the club hasn’t moved on since the Sir Alex Ferguson era.

He stated: “The progress was zero.

“Since Sir Alex left, I saw no evolution in the club. Nothing had changed.

“He [Ferguson] knows better than anybody that the club is not on the path they deserve to be. He knows. Everyone knows.

“The people who don’t see that… it’s because they don’t want to see. They are blind.

“I think the fans should know the truth. I want the best for the club. This is why I come to Manchester United.

“But you have some things inside that don’t help (us) reach the top level as City, Liverpool and even now Arsenal.

“A club with this dimension should be top of the tree in my opinion and they are not unfortunately.”