Roma coach Mourinho: Karsdorp knows why he was dropped

Roma coach Jose Mourinho refused to explain dropping Rick Karsdorp for last night’s 1-1 draw with Torino.

Going into the game, Karsdorp was named as the player Mourinho declared he had told to leave at the end of their draw with Sassuolo.

Asked about the Holland fullback, Mourinho said: “Mia, I don’t have to explain the decisions I make. He knows why, the teammates know why and I don’t have to tell you why. My decision.”

He also said: “(Cristian) Volpato? He didn’t play well today. Whose fault is it? Mine. Because Volpato is not a player to play against Torino, who plays man against man, which is tough.

“It’s my fault. I changed him to improve the team and to protect him, it’s part of his training. There are players who must have a high level of performance, because making mistakes is part of the player, but of attitude, yes.

“Do you need reasons to take a salary? We must all give more.”