Really? Man Utd players upset having to take home video analysis work

Manchester United players are unhappy having to take home their video analysis work.

Rangnick is renowned for his analytical approach and meticulous attention to detail, leaving nothing to chance to bring out the best in his teams.

The German places a heavy emphasis on video analysis and is sending United’s players home from training with emails showing footage of their performances from games, for them to study.

Rangnick and his coaching staff have tailored the footage for every individual United player, with advice and pointers on where they can improve their performance level, based on the clips.

The extra workload is said to be causing dismay among some United players, who feel the video analysis homework – which can take up to two hours – is interfering with their home life.

A United source told the Mirror: “This involves hours and hours of video footage to watch as homework.

“It’s based on their own performances, but includes advice on how to improve.

“Some of the players have accepted it, but others are less than impressed.”

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