Real Madrid defender Rudiger talks Werner and Vinicius Junior: I tried to kick him too!

Real Madrid defender Toni Rudiger is delighted with his first months with the Spanish giants.

Rudiger spoke today ahead of their Champions League tie with RB Leipzig.

He said, “I hope I get to play. Being able to play with Real Madrid in this competition is an absolute privilege, an absolute pleasure, but of course I’m a bit nervous.

“It was the easiest adaptation I’ve ever experienced. We are very normal people, although some may think: ‘What will the Madrid players be like?’ Well, normal people.”

Against RBL, Rudiger will meet former Chelsea teammate Timo Werner.

He said: “We are great friends, yes. I know him and I am aware that he is a great player, but tomorrow we will be on different teams.”

He was also asked about teammate Vinicius Junior and the rough attention he is receiving from opposition defenders.

“It is normal that there are some rivals who want to ‘hurt’ him, stop him in any way, I have also tried! One has to try to exploit his qualities, everything he has, to try to stop him, but respect for rivals should not be negotiable.”