Real Madrid attacker Rodrigo: They've attacked Vini Jr and I – and the refs allow everything

Real Madrid attacker Rodrigo Goes admits there’s disappointment over their recent form.

Real broke up for the World Cup with a run of disappointing results.

Rodrygo told AS: “The defeat in Vallecas hurt us a lot. We were not up to it. And neither did the ref allow us to be us.

“Both Vini and I have suffered attacks in those last two games and the referees are very disappointing for not sanctioning them They allow everything. I already said that what happened to me with Fali was a shame and that the VAR didn’t say anything either.

“He looked at me and hit me, it was not an incident. I don’t know what VAR is for. But we are self-critical. That night in Vallecas we didn’t play any of them well. I think we could have been playing all night against Rayo and we wouldn’t have won.

“We started the season very well and we didn’t lose any game. But it is true that after Madrid-Barça we went down to such a high level that we had. Of course, nobody relaxed for Qatar. Madrid always comes out to win. Let no one think that here no one lets their guard down or doesn’t put their leg in. It is true that a World Cup in November is something new. It can influence before the matches, but when you’re on the field you do give everything to win and you forget about the World Cup and everything.”