Rasmus Kristensen on Leeds choice: I wanted to challenge myself

Rasmus Nissen Kristensen is happy with his first months at Leeds United.

The Dane hasn’t been a regular, but says he’s settling in since his arrival from RB Salzburg.

Discussing the Leeds support, Kristensen said, “You can feel the great pressure just for the reason that there are many more who come along. There is much greater attention, so you can feel it quite clearly.

“If you compare a walk in Leeds with one in Salzburg, there is much more attention here on footballers. The fans stick with Leeds through thick and thin.

“They bleed Leeds, so it is a privilege to be allowed to represent them and play for this traditional club.”

“I wanted to challenge myself and play at a higher level on a daily basis every single weekend and midweek, so there is at least the possibility of that in England, and it was an insanely good fit with Leeds in relation to my former coach, Jesse Marsh.

“The plan was good for me. Then the WC also came into play. I felt that if I were to become even more World Cup relevant, I would have to try myself on the very highest shelf, so that was also part of the considerations.”