PSG star Lionel Messi:I don't think I'll play much longer

PSG star Lionel Messi admits he’s coming to the end of his career.

The Barcelona great’s current PSG deal expires in June.

Ahead of leading Argentina at the World Cup, 35 year-old Messi spoke with former national teammate Ezequiel Lavezzi for Conmebol.

“I love soccer, I love playing it and I enjoy it, the only thing I’ve done all my life is play soccer and I’m sure that I will stay connected when I stop, although I don’t know what. I don’t think I’ll play much longer,” he said.

Asked about playing his final days with Rosario Central, Messi also said: “I don’t know, so many things happen… It was a dream I always had as a child, to be able to play in Argentine soccer.

“But today it depends on many things, I have my family, three children, I just had a very big change in my life that cost me and my whole family a lot. Today I got over it and we feel spectacular.”