Preston boss Lowe confirms Everton scouting trip

Preston North End boss Ryan Lowe has explained the reasons for him watching Everton’s young stars this week.

The Blues Under-21s took on Paris Saint-Germain in the Premier League International Cup on Wednesday night, winning 2-1 with two Tom Cannon goals.

Lowe, a Merseyside local, was in attendance to watch the game.

“Considering it was five minutes away from my house like, yeah,” responded Lowe, when asked by LancsLive if he went there to look at possible signings.

He added: “My lad actually loves PSG and we’ve been over to watch them in France once before. But no, Everton have got a couple of good players. And PSG had a couple of good players, believe it or not!

“Not that we could do anything with their players, but the Everton players, I think it is always nice to have a look at what’s out there and the potential availability.

“So yeah, it was nice just to take a game in. I thought Everton were very well drilled and well coached.

“Paul Tait is doing a good job there and they have got some good players, so if there are good players to go and watch then it’s certainly one worth taking in.

“It is risk and reward sometimes isn’t it? Do you take a lad in but he doesn’t feature that much? Do you take a lad in and he scores goals and creates chances? Or whatever it may be. That is one thing I feel I am quite open to – taking risks for the reward, because sometimes they pay off.

“We took a risk with Cameron Archer and we took a risk with Alvaro Fernandez – lads who hadn’t come to the Championship at all beforehand.

“If there are players out there who I think can suit us, and who are good lads who want to buy into what we’re trying to do, then there are always options there to take.”