​Potter outlines cultural ambition for 'humble' Chelsea team

Chelsea’s new manager Graham Potter has spoken about the expectations he has from his players as he prepares for his first game in charge.

Potter will lead out the Blues at home in the Champions League group stages against RB Salzburg on Wednesday.

Potter does have some time to prepare for their next Premier League game, as their clash against Liverpool at the weekend is postponed.

“In terms of what I can promise, we’re playing a game which is uncontrollable and so I promise I’ll do my best every single day,” Potter stated during a press conference.

“It’s a big responsibility. The team I want to see is one that’s balanced in terms of attack and defence.

“Humble team, a respectful team that when it doesn’t have the ball, it runs hard and fights because I think that’s important also.

“We want to entertain also but I’m respectful of the Premier League, respectful of my opponents and there’s a lot of teams that want to do the same and we want to create our own team, our own identity so supporters recognise what we want to do, can see what we want to do and we’ll fight every day for it.

“I’ve always said the connection between the supporters and the team is the most important thing. I’m the head coach and a member of the team and an important member of the team but no more important than anyone else.

“I’d love their [the fans] support and everything I’ve heard so far makes me believe I have that and I’m very, very thankful for it.”