Pimenta says Man City star Haaland has signed 'biggest sponsorship deal in football history'

Manchester City striker Erling Haaland has signed the biggest personal sponsorship deal in FOOTBALL HISTORY.

Rafaela Pimenta, the agent of Haaland, revealed on Wednesday that the Norwegian “has signed the biggest sponsorship deal in the history of football”, not specifying what the amounts involved, but promising an announcement “very soon”.

Pimenta told Globoesporte, “When we talk about Haaland’s value I consider everything, his value as a transfer and his image. I don’t know if in the near future a club will pay a billion for a player. In the distant future, yes. But when Paul [Pogba] was transferred for 89 million pounds [105 million euros], it was unbelievable. Today, if we talk about 90 million… he is a player of the Brazilian national team. What I mean is that it is an acceptable number in the market.

“When Paul [Pogba] was transferred to Manchester United, if anyone thought Mbapp√© was worth 300 million, they would have to be hospitalised. Those numbers go up as the value of the sport goes up. Everything went up. The commissions, the ticket prices, television rights, sponsorship contracts….

“When I started [my career] 20 years ago, I would never have reached the sponsorship amounts that are currently being discussed. We will be announcing Haaland’s new sponsor very soon and it’s the biggest sponsorship deal in football history! But I’m sure that three years from now, when I look at this contract, I’m going to say, ‘What a terrible contract’. The prospect of a billion transfer comes from this, from the growth of the sport.”