Newcastle fullback Trippier rejects Swedish criticism aimed at Isak

Newcastle United fullback Kieran Trippier has rejected Swedish criticism aimed at Alexander Isak.

Isak has been criticised by the Swedish media for moving to the Saudi Arabia-owned Newcastle.

But Trippier told SVT: “I don’t understand why Alexander should be criticised.

“He sees the ambitions of this club and to play in the Premier League. For me, it is the right decision he has made. It is a club with ambitions that will be among the biggest within a couple of years.

“I think the criticism is undeserved. Just like with me, Alexander took the chance to come here to the club and he will grow into a better player thanks to it.”

Trippier also said, “He has come in straight away, and in training and matches it is as if he has been here for ages, but it is more about developing as a team and finding his strengths. Everyone has seen what he is about. I have played against him in La Liga. When Allan Saint-Maximin and Callum Wilson come back we will be an even bigger threat.”