Neal Maupay: I always wanted Everton move

Everton striker Neal Maupay admits he’s excited joining the Blues.

Maupay made the move from Brighton last month.

“When I spoke to Everton and I knew there was an interest, I straight away knew it was a massive opportunity,” he told the Liverpool Echo.

“As a player you should be proud to play for a club like that, so for me it was pretty simple and straightforward. If Everton wants me and they think I can help them, I’m in. I’m going.

“In football it takes time, sometimes there is talk and then during the transfer window the club has to deal with the players they want to sell, they have to buy players in – it takes time. There were talks, but in the end for me I know the transfer window here is two months or whatever, and it can happen at the start or at the end.

“In England it’s always towards the end that everyone starts to move a bit, so I was just getting ready. When everything was good I just came up.

“It wasn’t a last-minute decision. Maybe I didn’t play because they knew I was leaving as well. I wasn’t desperate to leave but when you have a challenge like Everton, just to play for this club really and help the club to be back on track, for me it was a great challenge.

“I am someone who needs challenges. You know I can get bored pretty quickly and after three seasons, I feel like I have given everything I had and maybe I needed something new, like to have a fresh start.

“That is how I work and how I am. For me I knew over the last month it would be better for me to find a new challenge. Obviously when I could sign for Everton, it was the best move.”