Napoli coach Spalletti happy after victory against Empoli: Squad depth counting

Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti was pleased with their 2-0 win against Empoli.

Chucky Lozano’s successful penalty and Piotr Zielinski struck for the victory.

Spalletti said, “We put in so many crosses and had strong runs many times, but it all depends on if you get the bodies into the box. If they have their midfielders back helping, then tactically you have not changed anything.

“If you move the ball around to where their midfielder cannot reach, then that is different. Empoli were smart to always close down our passing channels with their deep-lying midfielder. This is where individual talent becomes fundamental, because it’s difficult to create supremacy over such an organised and self-sacrificing team.

“It is superfluous to keep saying it, but if you don’t change four or five players for a midweek game, you won’t have the strength to go for 90 minutes. This rotation becomes fundamental and when the others came on, you could see the game changed gear.

“The key is that everyone feels they are part of the squad and involved, there is no first or second choice here. The sum of 22 players is better than the sum of 11 players, that’s obvious.”