Napoli coach Spalletti: AC Milan clash will be good for Italian football

Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti insists AC Milan are favourites going into today’s blockbuster.

Spalletti says Milan deserve the tag given their defending champions.

He said, “They are the Italian champions, they have some advantage and we will have to be good at building quickly, more than them, because having won has given further strength and having started again well confirmed them again.

“We will have to go faster if we want to surprise them, they are in front.

“It will be a good match for Italian football, I think (Stefano) Pioli also said that we are two teams similar, when I see them I notice things that I am pleased to see and that I point out to my players, he has been very good at keeping everything together because they have gone through difficult moments, but they have overcome them and have all pulled on the same side and they won for some certain details.”