Mexico coach Tata Martino: Enjoy Barcelona? It was the opposite

Mexico coach Tata Martino admits he doesn’t look back at time with Barcelona fondly.

After the victory against Iraq in Girona, Martino said that he would “lie” if he said that his season as coach of FC Barcelona was that of his “splendour” and the one that he best felt and enjoyed most, “because it was exactly the opposite”.

Martino, Barça’s coach in the 2013-2014 season, added that for him “it was a great learning experience”.

He also clarified that if he repeats “continually” that it was “the worst year” of his career on the bench “it has to do” with something he feels “personally”, for himself, since “in no way” can he feel “disappointed” to have been able to “manage one of the most important teams in the world”.

“There are no reproaches for anyone”, concluded the coach, after assuring that he is not “disappointed” with FC Barcelona.