Merson questions England call for Man Utd fullback Shaw

Arsenal hero Paul Merson was left baffled by England’s call for Manchester United fullback Luke Shaw.

While Arsenal legend Merson believes that Harry Maguire was still a good pick for the Three Lions, he doesn’t understand why Shaw was selected.

“Not with Harry Maguire I wasn’t [surprised], I think he’s a big part of the England squad, the way they play and with Gareth,” Merson told Sky Sports. “I was shocked with the Luke Shaw one, if I’m being honest. The amount of full-backs we have in this country and talented full-backs at that. I was shocked with that. But not the Harry Maguire one.

“I don’t think there’s a lot of panic but if Harry Maguire doesn’t get in the United team come November then there’s going to be a major worry for Gareth Southgate. In a way, he should’ve brought some players in that he might have to go to because you can’t go three months without playing football then play international football, especially in the heat they’re going to be playing in.”