Man Utd's 2-goal Fernandes: We should've found third goal

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes was left frustrated after their 2-2 draw at Aston Villa.

Fernandes scored twice for the result.

He said: “We got into the perfect position to score more goals and take the third goal and finish the game, but we don’t get our chance on the counters and gave the chances to them. They have good players up front and draw the game, it is tough to take because I think the game was under control.

“After our first goal they began to press us more, but still we had our chances and could have scored again. The shot was not good, the pass was not good and you start losing confidence, the game got bigger and they got more space between the lines, with the quality of players they have up front, they hurt you.

“The performance was better than the result, more controlled but the main point is winning games and points. We deserved more, but its not about deserving it is about getting points. We still have a lot to improve but it is about performance and results together.”

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