Man Utd Treble winner Stam: The problem with Maguire…

Manchester United Treble winner Jaap Stam says Harry Maguire needs to focus on what he’s good at.

Stam feels Maguire is lacking in a number of areas, rating him lower than former-mate Wes Brown, but feels the introduction of Raphael Varane can benefit his performances.

“It’s a lot of money they paid for him [Maguire]. To be honest, when I saw him at Leicester City he was a decent player,” he told The Michael Anthony Show.

“I think Wes Brown was quicker and faster than him. He was more mobile too in 1v1s in big spaces. When you play for United you need to be able to defend 1 v 1s in big spaces.

“I do think it is important to have good players around him [Maguire]. When he has good players around him to support him that helps. When I had good players around me, I could perform a little bit better too.

“I’ve seen Maguire play good football too but I think sometimes he wants to do more than what has been asked of him.

“Sometimes he needs to play a little bit more simple. In his way of thinking as well. I really think that the players in front of him can help him out.

“They can help him play out. Then the partnership with Varane should help him. I think it’s good that he can step in as well.”

Stam added that the blame for bringing him into the club falls on the recruitment team: “If nobody is happy with Harry and how he is playing and performing, they should look at the recruitment system.

“Look at who made the decision to bring him in and how decided to pay that much for a player we really don’t fancy or a player we really don’t like.”

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