Man Utd striker Ronaldo: My critics are jealous; they don't like successful people

Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo says his critics are simply jealous of him.

Ronaldo addressed the criticism he’s received during his career when speaking with Piers Morgan.

He said, “And I’m used to live like that because, you know, I was 37, I know and I learned many things. When you are at the down of the wave, when you are at the top of the wave, you don’t realise and you don’t see things that you don’t see before… Which is, I appreciate to have bad moments, to see which people are on your side, who will criticise you more. Because they’re looking for that. They don’t like to see successful people.

“The people only try to bring negativity. And I felt the last four or five months that, not only for me, but even for my family as well, for Georgina, especially around the world, the press criticise me even more…sometimes I don’t understand.”

“But I still believe that the jealousy is part of that. They want to cover many things that helps to shine other things. But listen, Piers, I know I’m 21 years in top of the game, so I know all the takes, so for me it’s not a problem. It’s hard when you are a little bit down to listen to this criticism.”