Man Utd striker Ronaldo: Man City move was close

Cristiano Ronaldo says he was close to joining Manchester City before following his “heart” by signingfor Manchester United.

The Portugal forward made headlines earlier this week after telling Piers Morgan’s show he felt “betrayed” by the club.

The first part of the full interview was released on Wednesday in which he gave more detail on his version of events at Old Trafford.

“Honestly, it was close,” he said of potentially joining City.

Ronaldo returned to Old Trafford from Juventus in August 2021 – 11 years after he left the club to join Real Madrid.

The 37-year-old added: “As you know, my history in Manchester United, your heart, you’re feeling the way that you did before, makes the difference. And of course, Sir Alex Ferguson.

“I spoke with him. He said to me, ‘it’s impossible for you to come to Manchester City’. And I say ‘OK, boss’.”