Man Utd hero McGrath: I'd hate to have faced Garnacho

Manchester United hero Paul McGrath admits he’s a fan of Alejandro Garnacho.

McGrath wrote for the Sunday World: “Argentina have chosen not to bring United’s teenage starlet Alejandro Garnacho to the World Cup, but this lad looked pure class last Thursday night.

“Every time he got the ball against Villa he ran at defenders causing panic and havoc. Three countries, England, Spain and Argentina, wanted him to commit to their cause.

“The lad chose the country of his parents, Argentina, and I wonder what that choice may mean for world football for years to come?

“Frankly on Thursday night, this lad looks that good to be thinking such thoughts!

“I hated playing against a Garnacho-type of player, you never knew what was coming next. Give me a Mitrovic any day of the week. He could stand there and thump me, but I could thump him back on the QT and see how he fancied it.

“A Garnacho that you couldn’t get hold of? No thanks!”