Man Utd fullback Dalot: Aston Villa will be different with Emery

Manchester United fullback Diogo Dalot is wary facing Aston Villa under new manager Unai Emery today.

Dalot expects Villa to be inspired by Emery.

“Not difficult but different,” he told Sky Sports when asked what impact Villa’s managerial change will have on United.

“I think it’s always a strange situation when you change managers. I’m sure that they will want to show to their new manager that they want to play, every player wants to play, it’s going to be probably different then it would be if the manager would have stayed because you don’t know how they can play.

“Maybe they will change the way of play, I don’t know, but basically we have to focus on what we need to do and be prepared for any kind of challenge that Villa can give us. I’m sure it will be a tough afternoon but we have everything and if we’re at our best level I think we have good chances to win.”