Man Utd captain Maguire determined to clear name after Mykonos arrest: I regret nothing

Manchester United captain Harry Maguire is determined to clear his name after his arrest and conviction of assaulting a police officer in Mykonos in 2020.

Maguire told Times magazine that he was hoping to be cleared on appeal.

He was found guilty of assaulting up to six officers and then attempting to bribe them inside a police station while on holiday with eight family members and friends.

He received a suspended prison sentence of 21 months in 2020 but immediately launched an appeal, which will be heard on the neighbouring island of Syros.

His appeal meant he does not have a criminal record unless he is found guilty again in the re-trial.

He told The Times: “Some people will believe me, some people won’t.

“But one thing I would say about Mykonos is that I have no regrets. I don’t worry about what the outcome is going to be. I don’t worry about anything to do with it because my conscience is so clear about what happened that night.

“The people who were there that night, there were nine of us, we all understand what went on and what happened.”