Man Utd attacker Antony: If you still think I'm a clown…

Manchester United attacker Antony has taken fresh aim at his showboating critics.

Former United star Paul Scholes has branded Antony a “clown” over his antics. But he insists he is simply replicating the idols he watched growing up.

In a piece for The Players’ Tribune, he said: “If you think I’m just a clown, then you don’t understand my story.

“The art of Ronaldinho and Cristiano [Ronaldo] and Neymar inspired me as a child.

“I watched these Gods in amazement on stolen Wifi, then I went out to the concrete pitch to try to imitate their genius.

“This is my story. If you still don’t understand me, or if you still think that I am a clown, then I will just point to the ink on my arm…

“Whoever comes from the favela knows a little bit of what I’ve been through.

“Those words speak for me. And for us all.”